Adult Chest Protector (100+ lbs)

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Adult Motocross Chest Protector

  • Low profile chrome shoulder cups
  • Wrap-around interior padding
  • Adjustable shoulder side straps/arm guard
  • Fully Adjustable one-hand pop-out clip
  • Unique Wing/Vents for contour fit on the back
  • Weight Recommendation: 100+lbs (US); 45kg (Metric) approximately
  • Height Recommendation: 5'4"+ (US); 163cm (Metric) approximately

A great fitting chest protector with lots of adjustment options for a race-ready fit. Wear your protector out on the track or trails - ideal for motocross and ATV riders. Protect yourself from debris, rock, sticks and minor falls with the Proguard  Chest Protector.

Clear polycarbonate chest and back plates with an ergonomic shape and slim profile padding make this chest protector comfortable and easy to wear. Adjustable side straps can be adjusted to accommodate adult riders between 100 and 250 lbs.