Tips on Choosing Your Snowmobile Helmet

Tips on Choosing Your Snowmobile Helmet

Whether for snowmobiling, motocross, motorcycling, or otherwise, choosing the right helmet for you is imperative to ensuring both safety, comfort, and of course, style.

With the popularity of snowmobiling rising, especially in recent years, helmet technology has since progressed, making it more and more difficult to decide which helmet to choose!

Luckily, we here at Typhoon Helmets have a vast selection of helmets, both for adults and youth, that you can browse; not to mention our wide array of accessories and parts relevant to such an activity.

With that said, in this blog, we’ll be uncovering some helpful and effective tips that will help YOU determine which snowmobile helmet to choose, making your snowmobiling experience the best that it can be.

Let’s get into it, shall we?!

How to Choose a Snowmobiling Helmet

When seeking to choose the right snowmobile helmet for you, it’s not as simple as saying “I like the look of that one, let’s go with it!”… Instead, several considerations are required before proceeding to purchase.

By following the tips outlined below, you’ll not only walk away a satisfied customer but you’ll also feel the safest, be the most comfortable, and of course, look the coolest while shredding some powder this coming winter!

Below are three key tips to consider when choosing which snowmobile helmet to purchase:

Consider its Features

While at a quick glance most helmets look the same, each tends to vary quite a lot in its features or lack thereof. With that said, before proceeding to purchase, it’s important to consider the available features.

Some of the most popular features to familiarize yourself with include but are certainly not limited to the frame, shield ventilation design, and breath guard, just to name a few…

Type of Helmet

Now that you’ve considered its features and decided on which ones you prefer, it’s now time to narrow your search further, deciding upon the type of helmet you prefer, whether full-face, modular, or snow cross!

To tell you a secret, full-face helmets are likely the best option for snowmobilers, amateurs and pros alike. Not only is it undeniably the safest type of helmet but it also results in the best experience, shielding you from the cold and blocking out unwanted noise.

Type of Shield

Finally, to narrow your search one more time, it’s now important to decide which type of helmet shield is most suitable. Notably, there are two types: dual-sport and dual pane…

While there are several distinctions between the two, the most notable are safety and visibility. For all intents and purposes, a dual sport shield is the way to go when snowmobiling!

Final Thoughts

Depending on design preference, riding style, and other influential factors, determining the type of snowmobiling helmet that is the right choice for you can prove difficult. Above all else, while style is important, safety should always be of the utmost priority.

Luckily, here at Typhoon Helmets, we have you covered for all of your snowmobiling needs! We look forward to serving you!

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