Riding in Style: Fashion Tips for Coordinating Your Outfit with Typhoon Helmets

Riding in Style: Fashion Tips for Coordinating Your Outfit with Typhoon Helmets

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, safety should always be a top priority. But who says you can't be safe and stylish at the same time? With Typhoon Helmets, you can ride with confidence and make a fashion statement. Coordinating your outfit with your helmet not only enhances your overall look but also allows you to express your personal style. In this blog post, we will explore fashion tips and tricks for riders looking to ride in style while wearing a Typhoon Helmet. From selecting the perfect helmet color to accessorizing with attitude, we'll cover everything you need to know to elevate your riding ensemble.

Choosing the Perfect Helmet Color

Your helmet color plays a crucial role in your overall style. It can complement your outfit, make a statement, or add a pop of color to your look. When selecting the perfect helmet color, consider your personal preferences and the kind of statement you want to make. Classic black or white helmets offer versatility and can easily match any outfit. If you prefer a bolder look, opt for vibrant colors like red, blue, or yellow that can make you stand out on the road. For a more sophisticated appearance, metallic finishes or matte black can add an element of elegance. Remember to choose a color that reflects your personality and pairs well with the majority of your wardrobe. Typhoon Helmets offers a plethora of colors to choose from so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style.

Helmet and Outfit Pairing

Coordinating your outfit with your Typhoon Helmet can create a cohesive and fashionable look. Depending on your riding style, you can choose outfits that complement the design and color of your helmet. For a casual and laid-back look, consider pairing your helmet with jeans, a leather or denim jacket, and sturdy boots. If you prefer a vintage-inspired look, pair your Typhoon Helmet with a leather biker jacket, high-waisted jeans, and a bandana. For sporty riders, consider a sleek, aerodynamic helmet that matches well with technical riding gear and sporty accessories.

Accessorizing with Attitude

Accessories can elevate your style and add a touch of personality to your riding ensemble. When it comes to Typhoon Helmets, there are various accessories you can add to enhance your look. Helmet stickers and decals allow you to customize your helmet with unique designs, patterns, or logos that reflect your interests or personal style. Additionally, Typhoon Helmets offers face shields and visors for all of our helmets that come in different tints and finishes, allowing you to choose one that not only protects your eyes from the sun and wind but also adds a cool and fashionable element to your helmet.

Seasonal Style

Adapting your outfit and Typhoon Helmet to different weather conditions is essential for both comfort and style. During colder months, consider layering your outfit with a warm, waterproof jacket, insulated gloves, and a neck warmer. Opt for helmets that provide insulation and have removable liners to accommodate varying temperatures. In warmer weather, choose lightweight and breathable fabrics for your outfit, and look for helmets with good ventilation to keep you cool. You can also explore helmets with integrated sun visors to shield your eyes from the sun while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance.

Safety Meets Style: Reflective Elements

Safety should never be compromised, even when striving for a fashionable look. Incorporating reflective elements into your riding outfit is an excellent way to enhance visibility and ensure you're seen on the road. Consider reflective jackets, vests, or accessories that can be paired with your Typhoon Helmet. These items not only offer an added layer of safety but also add a modern and trendy touch to your overall ensemble. Reflective elements can range from subtle piping or accents to bold designs that catch the light, making you more visible during nighttime or low-light conditions.


Riding in style is not just about the motorcycle you ride or the accessories you choose—it's also about the fashion choices you make, including coordinating your outfit with your Typhoon Helmet. By selecting the perfect helmet color, pairing your outfit with the helmet style, accessorizing with attitude, adapting to different seasons, and incorporating reflective elements, you can ride with confidence and make a fashionable statement. Remember, safety should always be the top priority, but with Typhoon Helmets, you don't have to sacrifice style for protection. So, gear up, express yourself, and ride in style with Typhoon Helmets!