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Silver Snell M2015 Helmet

  • Snell M2015 certified model # FF957
  • Also meets Department of Transportation (DOT FMVSS218) requirements
  • Lightweight shell and a plush interior
  • Breathable padded liner is removable and machine washable
  • Open/close air intake vents
  • Comfortable chin strap D-ring closure with snap and strap keeper
  • Snell certification sticker is attached under the liner
  • Helmet weighs just under 4lbs
  • Soft helmet storage bag included


Snell M2015 certified motorcycle racing helmet loaded with features perfect for the street or the track! This popular model accommodates a wide range of head shapes with a removable premium padded liner wrapped in a breathable material. 

The modern sculpted shell is made of a lighter fiberglass composite material than competing models in this price range. Front air intakes located in the center just below and above the face shield are adjustable and lock into the open or closed position. Two additional air intake vents are located at the top of the helmet, both slide into the open or closed position. The vented channeling system offers a lot of adjustability to riding in varying weather conditions.

Riding at highway speeds with this M2015 certified helmet is where these features really stand out of the crowd. Helmet noise is fairly low compared to many other helmets in this price range and the many venting options make for comfortable ride.



Note: If you intend to use your helmet for car/motorcycle/kart racing we would suggest you confirm with the sanctioning body for the events that a Snell M2015 rated helmet will be accepted.


Reviews (2)

Richard OConnell 12th Aug 2019

Cheap helmet

The helmet was decent for the cost, but there are a few things about it that make it feel extraordinarily cheap. Theres a fabric flap under the chin that keeps air from blasting through the opening in the bottom thats simply wedged in place with plastic. If you take the helmet odd, its easy for your chin to snag it and pull it completely off. The visor is very thin and cheap feeling. The last and most disappointing thing I found was the vents. The forward facing vents on the helmet are great, the top ones are flimsy feeling knobs, but arent awful (though I question how much air can actually move through them), but the vent on the back has an atrocious design. It has a sticker on it warning you not to pull up on it or it can break, which I never got a chance to make the mistake myself as mine came in pre-broken for me. Since it was broken, it was easy to see inside the mechanism and its made of disappointingly thin plastics that make it evident why its so fragile. Its most redeeming quality would be the comfortable padding inside the helmet. All in all, its a budget helmet and my expectations were pretty low. I needed something that was just okay and thats what this helmet is.

Tammy Wynne 24th Jun 2019

Best helmet. We trust it fully

Bought one for my husband and ended up using it for me. I literally bounced my head off the guard rail at the track and since I suffer from chronic migraines, everyone panicked when I made impact, I was fine and actually was laughing about it. So now I have my own perfectly sized helmet and wouldn’t put any other brand on my head!!! Thanks for keeping us racers safe and making a great product that is affordable!!!

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