The best tool for measuring your head is a tailor's or seamstress tape measure. An alternative way to measure could involve using a non-elastic string or cord to wrap around the head, then lay the cord along side a builder's tape measure.

The best place to measure for helmet sizing is two finger widths just above the eyebrows, directly above the ears and around the widest area at the back of your head. When measuring, the measuring tape should be nearly skin tight without applying constricting pressure. A good reference would be the feeling of wearing a baseball cap that stays in place, but doesn't feel too tight.

Head Shape

Typhoon motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobile helmets are designed to best fit intermediate oval head shapes, while still accommodating many long and round oval head shapes. 

  • Intermediate Oval - This shape measures slightly longer from back-to-front, than side-to-side, measured from the forehead to the largest area at the back of the skull. This is the most common head shape.
  • Long Oval - Like intermediate oval, this head shape is longer front-to-back than side-to-side, but typically measures 1/2" or more longer than intermediate oval shapes.
  • Round Oval - Measurements front-to-back are closer in proportions to side-to-side measurements. 

how to measure for helmett size

Typhoon Helmet Sizes

Each line of helmets has a distinct sizing chart listed in each description for every option currently available. For example: Typhoon snowmobile helmets have a slightly different size chart than off road models. Be sure to take an accurate measurement before purchasing. 

If your measurements fall right in between 2 sizes, it would be best to select the larger size. Your helmet should fit snug without feeling overly tight. 

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