Snowmobile Drag Racing: Q & A with Courtney Fender

Photo: Flintography

Courtney Fender started racing snowmobiles as a young teenager and moved onto snowmobile drag racing at the age of 15. Starting with a Polaris Indy 500, she has since moved onto race in multiple classes with a 2008 Yamaha Nytro rebuilt and tuned for her racing style.

Courtney, aka Twisted Princes Racing, is currently racing a 2015 Arctic Cat Turbo 1100 rebuilt by her crew as her main machine. With help from her team of mechanics, Courtney is breaking 100 mph and recently hit 107 mph on her Arctic Cat Turbo. The Twisted Princess Racing team competes is multiple events each year in the Great Lakes region, including a recent race in Saint Germain, Wisconsin February 2019 where she hit speeds of 99 mph - in a bikini.

Photo: Rod Bruyette Photography

Courtney is hosting her own race February 23, 2019 at the East Jordan Snowmobile Club in East Jordan, MI to raise money to support those going through breast cancer treatments in the East Jordan, Michigan area.

Q: What was your first snowmobile, or how did you get into the sport?

A: First snowmobile was a 1990 Polaris Indy 500, my current sleds are a 2008 Yamaha Nytro and a 2015 Arctic Cat Turbo 1100. I had friends that were into the sport of snowmobile racing and I wanted to try it out for myself.

Q: Where is your favorite place to ride?

A When I rode trails, I loved to go through the Jordan Valley. I only race now.

Q: When did you get involved in racing?

A: I started racing when I was 15

Q: What style of racing do you currently do?

A: I only do drag racing. The track is 500 feet of packed snow.

Q: Tell us about your sled(s). Who tunes them and what are they?

A: My Yamaha Nytro is tuned by Patrick Bingham. My Arctic Cat is tuned by Stilson Racing and H&H Performance.

Q: Are there any sled modifications specific to the style of racing you do?

A: Both of my sleds have been rebuilt for drag racing and for my size. My Arctic Cat has a 2-step button to get as much horse power as possible at the start of the race.

Q: Who are your current sponsors for the 2019 season?

TG Plumbing and Heating, T&R Yamaha, Tim’s Tire and Offroad Center, Bentley Graphics, NIX Contracting, Motor City Sledheads, Michigan Sled Chix, H&H performance, East Jordan Snowmobile Club, Stilson Racing, Arctic Cat, TNT Lady Sledders, Ultimax Belts by Timken, BiteHarder, World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation, Arctic Cat Trail Riders, Typhoon Helmets, Custom Dynamics, Starting Line Products

You can follow and support Courtney at Twisted Princess Racing and her crew at Stilson Racing for future racing events and updates.